Oreo moon phases activity


  • Note: This Moon phases project can be easily done with construction paper as well!
  • Oreo cookies or similar generic brand
  • Paper plate
  • Marker
  • Plastic knife, fork, or spoon (for carving out the moon phases)
  • Glass of milk (optional for dunking the Moon)

HOW TO MAKE THE PHASES OF THE MOON WITH OREOS1: Open up a pack of cookies and twist 8 cookies carefully apart.
2: Use the edge of a fork to draw a line down the center of the icing, carefully scrape off half the icing, and set onto the top of the paper plate to begin your first quarter Moon cycle.
3: Work from left to right on your cookie moon cycle, with next being waxing gibbous. Use the fork to draw the line, scrape off the icing, and set on the left of the first quarter Moon.
4: Work your way around: full Moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, waning crescent, new, waning crescent, and back to the first quarter.
5: Once all the Moon’s are on the plate in a circle, carefully draw the Earth in the center with markers.
6: Use a marker or pen to write which Moon phase each cookie represents next to the appropriate Moon cookie model.

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